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iNSPIRE Wednesday Program

Date – Time

Wednesdays – 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM


Trinity Fellowship Church
301 Leisure Lane
Friendswood, TX 77546 US
CAD & 3D Printing and the Lego Robotics class (ages 9-14) are down the street across from H-E-B at Digital Rift STEAM Academy. Students will be transported there in the Martin’s 15 passenger van.

Additional Information

 Wednesday is $15 per class, $25 for 2 classes, $35 for 3 classes or $45 for the day, and this includes a pizza lunch.  Exception: Competition robotics and Cooking 4th & up is $20 if taken alone.  Family max for the day is $100. 

Sibling full day discounts: 2nd child $35, 3rd child $20, Family max for the day is $100.  


*Pizza Lunch included for all kids and adults in attendance at 11:00

8:00-9:00  HVAC & Understanding Electrical: Ages 8 & Up: Dillon Koch, Rm 111

8:00-9:00  WORSHIP DANCE: K-3rd, Mackenzie Martin, Sanctuary

9:00-10:15. PHYSICAL SCIENCE: 4th grade & up, Glenn Little, Sanctuary

9:00-10:15 WORSHIP CHOIR: 4th & up, Kindel Stubblefield, Rm 105. 

10:15-11:30. AMERICAN HISTORY: 4th & up, Allie Martin, Library (Students eat lunch during this class.)

11:30-12:45. ART: MIXED MEDIA: 4th & up, Ann Salas, Rm 106

11:30-12:45  SPANISH: 4th & up, Gracie Huerta & Maira Calahan, Library & Sanctuary

12:45-2:00  ART: MIXED MEDIA: 4th & up, Ann Salas, Rm 106

12:45-2:00. CAD & 3D PRINTING: 4th & Up, Ryan Dalton, Digital Rift

2:00-4:30  COOKING: 4th & up, Karly Martin & Dawn Martin, Kitchen

2:15-4:45  LEGO ROBOTICS: Ages 9-14, Crystall Dalton, Ryan Dalton & Ashley Lee, Digital Rift


9:00-10:00. AMERICAN HISTORY: 2nd-3rd, Allie Martin, Library

9:00-10:00  AMERICAN SOCIAL STUDIES: K-1st, Caitlyn Chasteen, Rm 303 

9:00-10:00. WORSHIP CHOIR: 2nd-3rd, Kindel Stubblefield, Rm 105.

9:30-10:00 COOKING: K-3rd, Darmaris Caceres, Kitchen, (Students will come during the history activity time, the last half of history class.) 

9:30-10:00  WORSHIP DANCE: K-3rd, Mackenzie Martin, Sanctuary

10:00-11:00 HANDS-ON MATH: 3rd grade, Nikole Miller, Observation Rm

10:00-11:00 HANDS-ON MATH: 2nd grade, Cesia Barahona, Rm 111

10:00-11:00. HANDS-ON MATH: 1st grade, Mandy Davis, Rm 106

10:00-11:00. HANDS-ON MATH: Kinder, Nikki Ibarra, Ali Freeman, Rm 103

11:00-12:00. ASTRONOMY:  K-3rd, Glenn Little, Sanctuary (Students eat lunch during this class.)

11:00-12:00 COOKING: K-3rd, Damaris Caceres, Kitchen

11:00-12:00. LEGO ROBOTICS:  2nd-3rd, Ryan Dalton, & Ashley Lee, Rm 105 (iNSPIRE Computer Lab)  

12:00-1:00. ASTRONOMY:  K-3rd, Glenn Little, Sanctuary 

12:00-1:00  COOKING: K-3rd, Damaris Caceres, Kitchen 

12:00-1:00 LEGO ROBOTICS:  2nd-3rd, Crystal Dalton, & Ashley Lee, Rm 105 (iNSPIRE Computer Lab)

12:00-1:00  BEGINNING READING: Ages 5-6, Erica Yang, Rm 111

12:00-1:00  INTERMEDIATE READING: Ages 5-7, Mandy Davis, Rm 303

1:00-2:00. LEGO ROBOTICS: K-3rd, Crystal Dalton & Ashley Lee, Rm 105 (iNSPIRE Computer Lab)

1:00-2:00. BIBLE & ART: K-3rd, Kristy Wesley & Nikki Ibarra, Rm 103

1:00-2:00 SPANISH: K-3rd, Gracie Huerta & Maira Calahan, Library & Sanctuary

2:00-3:30. MACHINE SEWING: 1st-4th, Cesia Barahona, Dyanna Guardado, Rm 113 & 111

2:00-3:00. AMERICAN GEOGRAPHY:  K-3rd, Nikole Miller & Gracie Huerta, Sanctuary

3:00-3:30  PE GAMES: 2nd-3rd, Noah Martinez, Front Lawn

3:00-3:30  PE GAMES: K-1st, Sabrina Bounds, Sanctuary 

3:30-4:30. MECHNICAL ENGINEERING with LEGO:  2nd-3rd, Crystal Dalton, Rm 105 (iNSPIRE Computer Lab at Trinity) 

3:30-4:30. WORSHIP DANCE: K-3rd, Mackenzie Martin, Sanctuary 

3:30-4:30. BIBLE & ART: K-3rd, Kristy Wesley, Rm 103