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Robotics, Music & Art

Date – Time

Tuesdays – 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Martin Lake
8595 E FM 1462 RD
Rosharon, TX 77583 US

Additional Information

MATH LAB:  Please send older kids who are not going to take every class with a device and Teaching Textbooks so they can work on their math homework.  Mrs. Dawn will be available to help them on and off throughout the day.  Tell them to skip hard questions they need help on until I come back from teaching a class and save them up for me.  If you have a different math program you prefer, please send that.  Also, encourage them to ask for help!  Let them know Mrs. Dawn LOVES math and they are not bothering me at all.  I love to help them with their math.  smiley

9:30-1:00, 3:00-4:00 PIANO LESSONS:  Ages 6 & up, Paige Huh, 30-60 minute spots all day with 1-2 students each, $5 a lesson, text Dawn Martin to reserve a time 281-507-0896

9:30-11:00  FLUTE LESSONS:  Ages 10 & up, Dawn Martin, no extra cost for students that attend Martin Lake classes, flutes provided, text Dawn Martin to reserve a 30 minute lesson time. 281-507-0896


10:00-11:15 PHOTOGRAPHY & EDITING (mostly girls): 5th & up, Karly Martin, Computer Lab (FULL)

11:30-1:00. ART- Ages 9 & up, Ann Salas, Bearded Dragon Rm (FULL)

11:30-1:00  PHOTOGRAPHY & EDITING (mostly boys):  5th & up, Karly Martin, Computer Lab (FULL)

1:00-3:30  LEGO ROBOTICS: Ages 9-14, Daltons, Chameleon Rm (FULL) 

1:00-2:00  DANCE: Ages 9 & up, (By Audition) Mackenzie Martin, Dance Studio, Students will be preparing dances for nursing home performances.

1:00-3:00. MACHINE SEWING: Ages 9 & Up, Paige Huh & Drucilla Troyer, Bearded Dragon Rm. The students are currently learning how to use patterns and are working on their own projects they have chosen.   


10:00-11:00. ART: Ages 5-8, Ann Salas, Bearded Dragon Rm (FULL)

11:00-12:00. HANDS-ON MATH- (Mostly Girls): Ages 5-8, Dawn Martin, Kitchen 

11:00-12:00  LEGO ROBOTICS (Mostly Boys): Ages 6-9, Daltons, Chameleon Rm. 

12:00-1:00. HANDS-ON MATH (Mostly Boys): Ages 5-8, Dawn Martin, Kitchen 

12:00-1:00  LEGO ROBOTICS (Mostly Girls): Ages 6-9, Daltons, Chameleon Rm. 

12:00-2:00  BEGINNING READING: Ages 5-8, Carli Bolden (Gecko Rm.). Students will be learning to read in one of two 60 minute groups on their level.  

1:00-2:30  LANGUAGE ARTS: Ages 5-8, Dawn Martin & Cesia Barahona, Students will work on a variety of skills including spelling, grammar, handwriting and intermediate reading, Kitchen 

2:00-3:00  DANCE: Ages 5-8, (By Audition)  Mackenzie Martin, Girls will be working on their next nursing home performance, costumes provided, Studio

2:30-3:00  GAMES:  Ages 8-10, Dawn Martin, Language Arts or Math Games, Kitchen 

2:30-3:00  ANIMAL CARE: Ages 5-8, Ella Bolden, Gecko Rm or Back Porch

3:00-3:30.  BIBLE DRAMA & PUPPETS: Ages 5-8, Dawn Martin, Students will be practicing acting out a Bible  story for their next nursing home performance, Costumes provided, Living Room